Nationally-recognized mediator, arbitrator, and attorney with a wealth of experience in litigation, technology and dispute resolution

Paul is a nationally-recognized mediator, arbitrator, and attorney. As a former AMLAW 200 law firm partner and current Managing Attorney of a law firm with over 25 years of experience as a litigator, Paul can relate to attorneys and parties who appear before him in mediation in ways that non-practicing mediators and retired judges simply cannot.

As an experienced arbitrator and mediator with over 18 years of experience, Paul can evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of even the most complex cases. As a law professor at Pepperdine Law’s U.S. News No. 1 rated Straus Institute for Dispute Resolution and frequent speaker who has taught mediation to hundreds of law students and lawyers, Paul has developed proven mediation techniques to facilitate settlement of complex disputes and to help lawyers get the best result for their clients.

That is why experienced litigation attorneys and in-house counsel in California, Arizona and around the country tell their clients and opposing counsel that they “Better Call Paul” when they need a nationally-recognized mediator, arbitrator, and attorney to settle their disputes. So if you have a court requiring you to mediate before trial or a client who is sick of paying more and more legal fees and costs, and you are tired of going through the “mediation motions” with the same old “mom and pop” mediator, then you “Better Call Paul” and schedule a mediation today at 424-303-3066, 602-793-9495 or

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